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Brand Story

Brand Story

Shenzhen BQtech Circuit Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2005 in Shenzhen and engages in providing the most excellent and prompt service for the continuous innovation of scientific enterprises and in becoming a first-rate Chinese supplier of hardware outsourcing design service. Our PCB R&D manufacturing base is located in Shenzhen and Huizhou. Besides, we have a workshop of 80,000 square meters and more than 500 employees, 35%... [ MORE ]





  • Leading technology

    We have a devoted, united, indomitable R&D team and all our team members have 3 to 16 years’ experience in developing the PCB technology.

    All the products at the NPI stage shall be evaluated by the process evaluation system. Projects meeting the evaluation standard shall be further examined and put on record by the R&D team and undergone comprehensive tracing. For example, for HDI plates above three layers.

  • Stable quality

    Big brand products are selected for plates, liquid medicine, printing ink, copper ball and other production materials.

    The production process has almost no defects, and the first pass-rate is over 95%. For example, the first pass-rate of a medium-volume order (HDI plate with 18 layers and two steps, minimum hole 4mil.

  • Promptest delivery

    The most cutting-edge PMC management system allows our products to be delivered earliest than that of the same industry.

    Urgently-customized products: Some products can be delivered within 18 hours at the quickest pace and the accurate delivery rate amounts to 99%.

  • Considerate service

    Excellent concept: Regard customers as our eternal partners for the purpose of common development. We stress reputation and treat all the customers equally without considering their size.

    Personalized customization and advisory service: DFM support before sale, lower cost for customers during and after sale.

    We apply the unique

    customer products from all the links and to help customers to take the lead in launching their products.

    Flexible service: If a customer’s project needs to be changed urgently, such as obstacle, alteration, suspension, delay, and urgent acceleration.

They have chosen us

Our products have come into wide use in such areas as communication, automotive electronics, network equipment, industrial control, computer application, defence industry, spaceflight, and medical treatment and have won general approval of customers.

Shenzhen BQtech Circuit Co., Ltd. has been committed itself to serving high-tech electronic enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad.